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Vision Core Element

Compact, Versatile Smart Vision System for the Factory Floor

VICORE is a dual camera vision system that combines a variety of Teledyne sensor and software technologies to deliver performance, flexibility and ease-of-integration for applications in industrial automation. 

This versatile system offers excellent performance for inspection applications using traditional 2D imaging, thermal imaging, 3D imaging or a combination thereof. Its small, book style format consumes minimal cabinet space and provides convenient, front-accessible connections for cameras, I/O and system components. This includes a dedicated industrial Ethernet port that offers efficient communication with complementary factory devices using Ethernet/IP or Profinet.

VICORE Vision Core Element
VICORE with Genie Nano camera VICORE with Genie Nano camera

Designed for Automation

  • Excellent performance
  • Wide applicability
  • Embedded application software
  • All-in-one integration
  • Remote access ready
  • No moving parts

Beyond basics

VICORE is the smart choice for:

  • Dual camera applications
  • Low-cost high resolution (up to 25 Megapixel) applications
  • Thermal inspection applications using LWIR cameras
  • 3D applications using Teledyne Z-Trak™ profile sensors
  • Surface applications using Genie™ Nano with multi-segment lighting (Shape from Shading)
with Calibir thermal LWIR camera and Z-Trak 3D sensor

Software Selections

To maximize user and application reach, VICORE offers a choice of embedded application software. New users, or users of Teledyne smart camera technology, can be up and running in minutes with our easy-to-use iNspect™ software. For users that need additional flexibility or customization, our flagship Sherlock™ 7 software has them covered. For users looking to measure height features using 3D profile sensors, our brand new Sherlock™ 8 software does the trick. Sherlock 8 expands on Sherlock 7 capabilities and offers improved ease-of-use.

Beyond Visible

VICORE is compatible with LWIR thermal detection cameras such as the Teledyne FLIR A68 and the Teledyne DALSA Calibir, giving you an easy way to integrate thermal wavelengths into your industrial inspection or process control applications. 

Read more about using VICORE and iNspect with the FLIR A68 camera in this Uncooled Infrared Solutions guide. 

Download Uncooled Infrared Solutions Guide (PDF)
Industrial thermal inspection applications

Compatible Software


Flexibility for experienced vision integrators, enough power for "heavy lifting".

iNspect Express

Convenient, easy to use, ideal for 1st-time users. No programming required.

Compatible Cameras

Our vision system controllers are compatible with a wide variety of line and area scan cameras.

View compatibility list

System Selection Chart

GV 312T GV 400 GV 3000CL GV 4000 VICORE
Space saving
Cost $ $ $$ $$ $
Integrated display
1 or 2 cameras
3 or more cameras Via switch  
No moving parts
Performance Good Very good Excellent Superior Very good
Line scan  



Part Number VICORE
Interface GigE Vision, Ethernet 100Base-T, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, RS232, Gigabit Ethernet
Interface Details 2xGigE camera ports, 1 x GigE LAN port, 1 x 100Base PLC port
Software Sherlock 7, Sherlock 8, iNspect
Storage Capacity 32 GB
Program Capacity 4 GB
Processor 1.8 GHz quad-core x7-E3950
Operating Temperature -20 — 50 °C
Display Output HDMI
Power Input 24VCD@2A
Serial Communication USB2.0 (x2), USB3.0 (x2), RS232
I/O Details 8 IN/ 8 OUT
Cooling Passive Heat Sink
Mounting Options DIN
Certifications CE, FCC Class A, RoHS
Dimensions 160 x 57 x 90 mm


Document Type
VICORE Datasheet PDF
Document Type
VICORE User Manual PDF
Product Declarations
Document Type
3D Models
Document Type
VICORE Mechanical Drawings PDF

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