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Vision Systems - Multicamera

For the factory floor

Our vision systems are built to thrive in harsh industrial environments and feature compatibility with a wide range of cameras plus your choice of easy-to-use embedded vision software (Sherlock or iNspect Express) that will let you get your inspection application running in no time.  

Multi-Camera Inspection

Our GEVA vision systems offer the performance and flexibility to inspect multiple parts, assemblies or surfaces at the same time. These systems are equipped with multi-core processors, high-speed camera ports and versatile I/O options to match your application and factory integration requirements.

Multi-Camera Inspection
Camera Flexibility

Camera Flexibility

GEVA vision systems are compatible with a wide range of cameras for both area and line based imaging. These include our full complement of Gigabit Ethernet and Camera Link cameras  with mono or color sensors, as well as 3rd party alternatives. Expanding or modifying your camera configuration is both easy and cost effective with GEVA.

Embedded Application Software

All of our vision systems come with application software embedded. Simply connect the system components, apply power and start building your solution.  Select from the ease-of-use of iNspect Express or the flexibility of Sherlock – the choice is yours!

Embedded Application Software
I/O Solutions

I/O Solutions

We offer standard I/O solutions for all  of our systems. These breakout modules provide isolation for cameras and simplify integration within the control environment. In addition, some of our systems have I/O capabilities built in. Our embedded software applications support standard factory protocols for communicating with complementary equipment.

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GEVA Comparison Chart

  GV 312T GV 400 GV 3000CL GV 4000 VICORE
Space saving    
Cost $ $ $$ $$ $
Integrated display        
1 or 2 cameras
3 or more cameras Via switch    
No moving parts
Performance Good Very good Excellent Superior Very good
Line scan      


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