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Infrared Imaging

Powerful, versatile solutions from SWIR to uncooled LWIR for industrial, security and defense applications

MicroCalibir LWIR Cores
Explore MicroCalibir LWIR Cores

Compact, Low-Power Uncooled IR Thermal Camera Platform with Teledyne's Latest Microbolometer Technology

Calibir GX LWIR Cameras
Explore Calibir GX LWIR Cameras

Teledyne's Latest Uncooled IR Microbolometer Technology with Radiometric Operation

LWIR Microbolometers
Explore LWIR Microbolometers

Wafer-Level-Packaged VOx Microbolometers

Linea SWIR Cameras
Explore Linea SWIR Cameras

InGaAs GigE Line Scan Camera

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