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Supported Hardware

Sherlock affords you choice and flexibility when it comes to selecting a hardware deployment platform. You can select from one of Teledyne DALSA's integrated Vision Systems, or you can build your own platform using an industrial PC with either Teledyne DALSA Digital Frame Grabbers, GigE Genie cameras or supported 3rd party Firewire or USB cameras.

Compatible Vision Systems

Model Description
GEVA 300, 1000, and 3000 Expandable GigE camera systems
GEVA 3000CL 2 x CameraLink camera systems
Industrial PCs User-defined camera systems (GigE, CameraLink, Firewire, USB)

Frame Grabbers

Sherlock supports all Teledyne DALSA frame grabbers that are currently supported by Sapera LT for either 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems.


Sherlock supports a wide range of area- and line-based digital cameras. These include the majority of cameras we manufacture, as well as many 3rd party alternatives. Our regional representatives can help you determine the optimal camera configuration and associated system setup for your application.

Depending on your application, our sales team may quote a standard or certified part number. Examples of standard camera part numbers sold through our solutions partner network are as follows:

Part Number Description
A-CAM-G3-GM1X-YYYYYY Mono GigE area camera (X = sensor, Y = model resolution)
A-CAM-G3-GC1X-YYYYYY Color GigE area camera (X = sensor, Y = model resolution)
A-CAM-LA-GM-YYYYY Mono GigE line camera (Y = model resolution)
A-CAM-LA-CM-YYYYY Mono CameraLink line camera (Y = model resolution)

Note: Our standard "A-CAM" designated cameras may be personalized with a unique protection signature for your application.

A certified camera is one that has been certified for your application by our partners. This may include, for example, a standard camera with some minor modifications or a 3rd party camera with a custom feature or driver. Examples of certified camera models are as follows:


Certified Part Number Description
A-CAM-CCG-3010-00 GigE Area Camera
A-CAM-CCG-3020-00 GigE Area Camera
A-CAM-CCG-3030-00 GigE Area Camera
A-CAM-CCG-3040-00 GigE Area Camera
A-CAM-CCG-3110-00 GigE Area Camera
A-CAM-CCG-3120-00 GigE Area Camera
A-CAM-CCG-3130-00 GigE Area Camera
A-CAM-CCG-3140-00 GigE Area Camera
A-CAM-CCG-3210-00 GigE Area Camera
A-CAM-CCG-3220-00 GigE Area Camera
A-CAM-CCG-3230-00 GigE Area Camera
A-CAM-CCG-3240-00 GigE Area Camera
A-CAM-CCG-4010-00 GigE Line Camera
A-CAM-CCC-4010-00 CameraLink Line Camera 


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