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Join us for a webinar and discover the possibilities. These online, virtual events are a great way to connect with us and learn about our latest updates, see a demo, or participate in an interactive discussion with the community.

Past Webinars

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October 6, 2021

Clarity at High Speed

Teledyne innovation focusses on all aspects of the “spectrum” – from X-ray to THz, sensor to cloud, monochrome to hyperspectral, low resolution to super resolution, and from remote heads to embedded action. There is a solution for any challenge. This presentation provides an overview of the novel approaches and solutions Teledyne offers for the ever-growing field of photonic information capture. These new ideas and approaches will trigger the audience to review their challenges and solutions in a new light and come away with new possibilities.


Matthias Sonder - Development Lead, Teledyne DALSA
Matthias is an experienced and skilled team lead for Teledyne DALSA’s Product Development, Research and Development (R&D) efforts, with expertise in Semiconductors, Physics, and Engineering. Matthias holds a Master's Degree in Physics from University of Ulm, Germany.


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October 6, 2021

Highly Reliable 3D Imaging for Challenging Applications with Time-of-Flight

Time-of-Flight is an active 3D imaging technique which requires a light source to obtain a 3D image of a scene. This emerging technology is very flexible and suitable for a wide range of applications such as logistics, robots, AGV, building mapping, factory safety etc. It’s ideal for handling complex environments, for example under different light conditions (indoor/outdoor) and for short or long ranges. Teledyne e2v will present how to address these challenges with specifically developed technologies at both sensor and system level.


Sergio Morillas - Business Manager, Teledyne e2v
Sergio Morillas is Business Manager for 3D products and applications in Teledyne e2v. He is in charge of marketing and project management for new product development. He has more than 15 years of experience in CMOS sensors and imaging systems, particularly embedding technologies used for 3D measurement.


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Recorded May 26th 2021

Guiding Light: Optical MEMS in Action

Countless industries and applications have used light to sense, measure, survey, and communicate within our engineered systems and the natural world. Light sources, lasers, and many light detection technologies have evolved quickly to meet the needs of the wide array of applications. Often switching, redirecting, and guiding light beams are required in optical systems. This guiding and switching functionality can be achieved with Optical MEMS components that are tailored to the specific application.

Teledyne MEMS will continue their Webinar series with our focus on Optical MEMS technology and platforms. Guiding Light: Optical MEMS in Action will detail common MEMS process flows for a variety of existing and emerging Optical applications, such as fiber optic communications LIDAR for autonomous driving and Biomedical applications.


Collin Twanow - Director of Technology​ @Teledyne Micralyne

Collin directs the creation of customer solutions. Specializing in commercializing MEMS technologies and devices, he has extensive experience in wafer processing, design layout, device testing and failure analysis and engineering project management.

Glen Fitzpatrick - Senior Technical Advisor ​ @Teledyne Micralyne

Glen was a founding manager of the original lab in 1987 which evolved into Micralyne. He has developed solutions to realize a number of MOEMS and MEMS processes and architectures for customers to enable a wide variety of applications.

Kevin Kornelsen - Senior Design and Integration Scientist ​ @Teledyne DALSA

Kevin has worked on fabrication and customer design implementation at both Micralyne and Dalsa. His projects have included many successful microfluidic and optical/infrared MEMS designs for a wide variety of customers and end uses.

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Recorded February 23rd 2021

MEMS: From Prototype Development to Mass Production

Whether you’re looking for a new or second fab for volume production, or are ready to transition to a production fab for the first time, you need a partner that will collaborate with you, develop a long standing relationship, and protect your intellectual property.

Teledyne DALSA and Teledyne Micralyne are pleased to announce the first in our 2021 series of webinars entitled MEMS: From Prototype to Mass Production will air live on February 23rd at 11:00AM EST. In this webinar, we will discuss important considerations when bringing your product to a MEMS fab and how to engage based on your stage of development and product lifecycle. We will share the necessary steps to develop and manufacture a high quality product with a repeatable process.


Dean Spicer - Director of Engineering

Dean is Director of Engineering at Teledyne Micralyne in Edmonton, Alberta.  Dean joined Micralyne in 2006 as a Research and Development Engineer, specializing in Advanced Wafer Bonding processes (eutectic, fusion and anodic) and has excelled in a series of leadership roles before he was appointed to his current role. Dean is passionate about MEMS and works to bring customer’s products to market efficiently through the entire development cycle, from concept to finished product. Both detail-oriented and forward-thinking, Dean is a champion for process platforms that enable transfer of MEMS products to manufacturing through reduced development effort.

Jacques Renaud - Manager Process Integration

Jacques is the Manager of the Process Integration team at Teledyne DALSA MEMS foundry in Bromont and has Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Sherbrooke. After completing his Ph.D. in 2006, he joined Teledyne in the bonding and wafer level packaging process engineering team. Since then, he held multiple roles in process engineering, technology development, project management and process integration. During those years he played key roles in the process development and high volume production ramp of many highly successful MEMS programs for the consumer, industrial and automotive markets. He also managed the start-up of thin film, wafer bonding and polishing technologies at C2MI. Currently, as part of his role as Process Integration Manager, he leads the technical business development efforts for the Teledyne DALSA MEMS foundry.

Jayson Loewen - Senior NPI and Continuous Improvement Manager

Jayson is the Senior NPI and Continuous Improvement Manager at Teledyne Micralyne in Edmonton, Alberta. Jayson joined Micralyne in 2005 and has played key roles in product and process development, quality, and productivity. An authority in the MEMS development cycle, Jayson is focused on improving productivity, reducing product cycle time, and improving MEMS and microfabrication quality. Jayson is passionate about project management, Lean Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, and quality improvement.


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Recorded November 24, 2020

Glass and Silicon BioMEMS Components

The session provides an overview of the role of micro-technology in medical devices, challenges related to their fabrication, and an overview of the main areas of growth. You will gain an understanding of BioMEMS devices and their markets, and Teledyne’s MEMS capabilities for their development and manufacture.

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Recorded November 17, 2020

Teledyne Imaging New Technology Showcase 2020

6 Industrial Imaging Technology Sessions, 1 Must Attend Virtual Event

While Covid-19 has forced the cancellation of tradeshows and conferences around the world, our product development team hasn’t slowed at all. Over the last six months, we’ve introduced dozens of new imaging components, driving significant advances in key industrial vision segments; including machine learning and AI; extreme high-resolution and high-speed imaging; 3D sensing; multi-spectral imaging; and high-volume, low-cost CMOS sensors. Please join us for this multi-session, virtual event to learn about the newest and most innovative imaging solutions from Teledyne.

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Recorded June 30, 2020

Introduction to Linea SWIR line scan

Teledyne’s new SWIR line scan camera enables defect detection beyond the visible.

We're excited to share with you the capabilities of our latest line scan camera - the Linea SWIR - a GigE line scan camera that allows you to detect the non-visible. We'll cover who we are, what SWIR is; and an introduction to the Linea SWIR, its features, and applications; as well as what it means to be powered by DALSA. Hope you can join us!


Mike Grodzki - Product Manager
Mike began his career at Teledyne DALSA as a Research Analyst, and since 2018, has served as Product Manager for the company’s Linea SWIR series, and the soon-to-be-released Linea2 line scan cameras. Mike is a passionate product professional and thrives on building relationships with customers to understand their pain points and drive a product strategy that resonates with the market.


Matthias Sonder - Development Lead
Matthias is an experienced and skilled team lead for Teledyne DALSA’s Product Development, Research and Development (R&D) efforts, with expertise in Semiconductors, Physics, and Engineering. Matthias holds a Master's Degree in Physics from University of Ulm, Germany.

Christian Loeb - Key Account Manager
Christian Loeb is a Key Account Manager for Teledyne DALSA Europe. With solid technical expertise, deep experience in machine vision, and long term relationships, he delivers both understanding and capability to our OEM customers.