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Warranty Information

How to make a warranty claim

If you purchased your units from a dealer/distributor, please contact them directly to request an RMA.

Find local distributors

If you purchased your units directly from Teledyne DALSA, please contact your usual representative. If you do not know who to contact, please submit a technical support request.

Contact Teledyne DALSA Support

Warranty Periods

All warranties are subject to Teledyne DALSA’s Terms and Conditions of Sale.

3 Year Warranty

  • Linea Cameras (Camera Link / GigE)
  • Linea Lite (GigE and C/L)
  • Genie Nano Cameras

2 Year Warranty

  • AxCIS
  • Linea 2
  • Linea ML Cameras
  • Linea HS Cameras
  • Linea SWIR Cameras
  • Z-Trak 3D Laser Profilers
  • Calibir LWIR Cameras
  • Piranha Cameras
  • Spyder Cameras
  • Falcon Cameras
  • Genie Cameras
  • Genie TS Cameras
  • BOA Cameras
  • GEVA Vision Systems
  • Frame Grabbers

1 Year Warranty

  • Image Sensors
  • Accessories

NOTE: If you do not see your product listed on this page, please contact your Teledyne DALSA representative for more information.