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MEMS Foundry Services

The Power of MEMS

As more and more digital electronics are packed into our phones, automobiles, and household appliances, they need more sensors and actuators. The silicon technology originally developed for integrated electronics is now increasingly being used to produce these sensors as MEMS devices.

Teledyne MEMS has proven to be a highly competent and trusted fabrication partner of leading high-tech companies for more than 30 years, delivering innovative solutions to hundreds of companies since 1982. We have helped develop and reliably manufacture some of the smallest actuators, sensors and 3D mechanical structures in the world for a host of industry leaders.

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You Design the Future. We’ll Build It for You.

Whether your breakthrough MEMS design serves automotive safety, autonomous vehicles, consumer electronics, personalized medicine, telecom, next generation chipmaking, or something completely unique, we have the microfabrication expertise, platforms, and facilities to make it real. We have decades of experience with MEMS for these applications and many more.

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