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About the Foundry

The Number 1 Indepedent Pure-Play MEMS Foundry in the World.

Teledyne DALSA's fabrication strengths include integration of sense and actuation circuitry alongside MEMS structures, flexible wafer-scale packaging, and a range of materials, equipment, and process flows that enable the most advanced MEMS and image sensor performance. We own dozens of patents in fabrication technology. Many of our process technologies are usually considered unconventional or even contradictory in mainstream integrated circuit production, but Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor's foundry services together provide designers and customers with a rare ability to optimize architecture, performance, and reliability to meet the needs of high-volume, mission-critical microsystems in photonics, telecom, biomedical, automotive, and industrial applications.

Our 41,000 sq ft (3,800m2) of clean rooms run both 200 mm and 150 mm wafers; we are IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 registered and RoHS compliant, meeting the demanding requirements of customers that serve all the main MEMS markets including consumer, automotive, industrial and biotech/medical markets. Teledyne DALSA’s innovative MEMs toolbox and manufacturing flexibility aim to support customers’ unique competitive advantage within a cost-effective MEMS operation.

MEMS Foundry
MEMS Production

Across many device types and applications, whether it is micro-mirrors for telecommunication, gyro sensors for game controllers, microfluidic devices for miniaturized medical systems, automotive pressure and inertial sensors for automobiles or microphones for smartphones, Teledyne DALSA has delivered high volume MEMS production for innovations that reduce both size and power consumption even as they increase performance.

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Teledyne MEMS Foundry Services


Our unmatched toolbox of dozens of proven and patented process modules and techniques for advanced MEMS

MEMS Capabilities


Our exceptional MEMS platforms for Inertial Sensors and Micromirrors, including both Si and Cu TSVs

MEMS Technology


Delivering excellence for 25 years with 3800 m2 of clean rooms, 200 mm and 150 mm, IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 registered

MEMS Production

Design Support

Extensive MEMs design experience and support, working closely with customers

MEMS Design Support

Inspection & Test

100% automated optical inspection, electrical test, die probing, and more

MEMS Inspection and Testing

R & D

Next generation MEMS processes developed in cooperation with research partner C2MI