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Protein Crystallography

The rapid acceleration of pharmaceutical research has created a need for rapid study of molecular changes in protein crystals after certain drugs are applied. By collecting images of X-ray diffraction patterns from crystallized protein samples, researchers can determine the effectiveness of cancer fighting drugs as well as determine side effects. The large area, low noise detectors manufactured by Teledyne DALSA are used to collect diffraction images in 1/10th the amount of time as the conventional detection instruments at a fraction of the cost. Teledyne DALSA’s range of flat CMOS x-ray detectors allow for high signal to noise performance for low energy radiation sources at 12kV and less.

Additional X-ray crystallography applications include small-angle (SAXS) and wide-angle (WAXS) diffraction. Another application of X-ray crystallography used for inspection of paint pigments in old master artworks is X-ray absorption of fine structure (XAFS) analysis. 

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