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Remote RadEye HR

Detachable X-Ray Detector

X-ray Imaging in the Least Accessible Spaces

The Remote RadEye HR x-ray detector is a slim, lightweight, rugged solution for high-resolution radiation imaging. The detector is suitable for industrial inspection applications where images are taken in tight or difficult-to-reach spaces.

Remote RadEye HR

The Remote RadEye HR sensor module sits at the end of a detachable cable that can reach into tiny corners. The detector connects to a PC via USB cable.

Family Specifications

Supported Interfaces USB 2.0


Model Active Area Resolution Interface Pixel Size Frame Rate
Remote RadEye HR
Part number: RM1426
33 x 24 mm 1650 x 1246 USB 2.0 20 µm 0.75 fps


Document Type
Remote RadEye HR Datasheet PDF
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