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Large-area CMOS X-ray detector

Great Performance,
Ease of Use

Teledyne DALSA’s Rad-icon product family of large-area digital x-ray cameras offers users a high-speed, high-performance x-ray imaging detector with a fast, reliable PC interface (either GigE or CameraLink) for easy integration.

Superior Large-Area
Non-Destructive Testing

Cutting-edge Technology Delivers Cutting-edge Results

The Rad-icon product family leverages our advanced CMOS image sensing technology, which enables the delivery of low-dose x-ray images and yields higher image quality than aSi flat panels and image intensifier devices. Rad-icon cameras are capable of frame rates up to 30 fps, and communicate via CameraLink data cable or a standard Cat 6e over lengths up to 100 m.

See the benefits of CMOS sensors

Flexible and Adjustable for Varied Applications

Rad-icon detectors are available with different Gd2O2S (Gadox) scintillator options to address a range of resolution and sensitivity requirements. The camera interface allows easy access to features such as adjusting the frame rate, single and multiple frame acquisitions, and control of advanced timing modes.

Intuitive, Powerful Software

Each Rad-icon ships with user-friendly software tools for stand-alone operation or easy integration with your application software.


  • Large active area: up to 30 × 30 cm
  • 5 or 10 lp/mm resolution (99 or 49.5 µm pixels)
  • Gigabit Ethernet or CameraLink interface
  • Energy range from 10 to 225 kV
  • Ready-to-run software and drivers


  • Nondestructive testing
  • Automotive inspection
  • Weld inspection
  • Industrial computed tomography (CT)


Family Specifications

Supported Interfaces GigE Vision, Camera Link


Model Active Area Resolution Interface Pixel Size Max Frame Rate
Rad-icon 1520
Part number: SB1504
204 x 153 mm 1548 x 2064 GigE Vision 99 µm Standard: 16 fps
Rad-icon 3030
Part number: SB1521
306 x 306 mm 3096 x 3100 Camera Link 99 µm Standard: 30 fps
Rad-icon 2022
Part number: SB1533
204 x 221 mm 2064 x 2236 Camera Link 99 µm Standard: 30 fps
Rad-icon 0720
Part number: SB1739
68 x 204 mm 688 x 2064 GigE Vision 99 µm Standard: 66 fps
Rad-icon 2329
Part number: SB1593
228 x 291 mm 4608 x 5890 GigE Vision 49.5 µm Standard: 2 fps
Rad-icon 1523
Part number: SB1711
146 x 228 mm 2940 x 4608 GigE Vision 49.5 µm Standard: 15 fps
Rad-icon 0723
Part number: SB1774
64 x 228 mm 1300 x 4608 GigE Vision 49.5 µm Standard: 30 fps
Rad-icon 2329HS
Part number: SB1794
228 x 291 mm 4608 x 5890 GigE Vision 49.5 µm Standard: 20 fps
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