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Industrial X-Ray

Teledyne DALSA offers powerful, innovative CCD and CMOS and IGZO X-Ray detectors combining industry-leading performance with cutting-edge features for industrial and scientific applications such as NDT (non destructive testing) in evaluation, troubleshooting, research, and quality control.

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X-Ray Detectors


Large-area digital X-ray detector with a fast, reliable PC interface


Large-area high performance IGZO detectors

Remote RadEye HR

Remote RadEye detachable x-ray detectors are designed to fit into spaces too small to fit a complete imaging camera.

Shad-o-Box HS

High-resolution x-ray imaging detectors designed for high-speed digital radiology

X-Ray Systems

Teledyne ICM

Our sister company Teledyne ICM provides integrated digital portable X-ray solutions for non-destructive testing.

X-Ray Detectors


Scanning X-ray detectors for high-performance industrial and scientific applications.


Teledyne ICM

Our sister company Teledyne ICM provides ultralight and efficient Constant Potential portable X-ray generators for security and NDT applications.

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