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Flexible power, easy to use. 

Your complete system, at a low cost

The GEVA-312T is an integrated vision system complete with a 12” touch screen display, 1.6GHz dual core processor and two Gigabit Ethernet camera ports. The slim-line form factor maximizes control panel real estate for PLCs, motions controllers and non-vision related components. The GEVA-312T is a good choice for customers who are looking for a complete system that is low-cost, expandable and applicable for a wide range of vision applications.

The GEVA-312T is compatible with the full range of Teledyne DALSA Genie cameras. Applications using one or two cameras can connect directly to the Camera/LAN ports on the unit. Additional cameras can be accommodated using standard, low-cost Gigabit Ethernet switches. I/O connections, including camera trigger and light strobes, are interfaced using our standard PL-USB module. This module mounts inside the control panel and connects to one of the GEVA-312T USB ports (multiple PL-USB modules can be installed).

In addition to touch panel control, the front of the unit provides push button display adjustments and a USB port that provides convenient access for removable peripherals such as keyboard/mouse and backup storage.

Great Features

  • Integrated 12" touch display
  • 1.6GHz dual core processor
  • Two expandable camera ports
  • Compatible with full range of GigE cameras
  • Direct connect I/O module
  • Windows 10 embedded (IoT) 64-bit OS
  • Choice of embedded vision application software
  • Push button display adjustments and convenient USB port on front
  • Slim-line panel or VESA mountable enclosure

Compatible Software


Flexibility for experienced vision integrators, enough power for "heavy lifting".

iNspect Express

Convenient, easy to use, ideal for 1st-time users. No programming required.

Compatible Cameras

Our vision system controllers are compatible with a wide variety of line and area scan cameras.

View compatibility list

System Selection Chart

GV 312T GV 400 GV 3000CL GV 4000 VICORE
Space saving
Cost $ $ $$ $$ $
Integrated display
1 or 2 cameras
3 or more cameras Via switch  
No moving parts
Performance Good Very good Excellent Superior Very good
Line scan  



Part Number GEVA 312T
Interface GigE Vision, USB 2.0, RS232
Storage Capacity 32 GB
Program Capacity 2 GB
Processor 1.6 GHz
Operating Temperature -20 — 60 °C
Display Output LCD Touch Panel Display
Power Input 24V
Certifications CE, FCC Class B, IP65 compliance
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 mm


Document Type
GEVA 312T Datasheet PDF
Document Type
GEVA 312T User Manual PDF
Product Declarations
Document Type
GEVA 312T EC/FCC Declaration PDF
3D Models
Document Type
GV312T 3D Model (STEP) STP
GV312T Mechanical Drawings PDF
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