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GigE-V Framework

For Linux 32/64-Bit

Built with embedded systems in mind, our GigE-V Framework for Linux contains  lightweight libraries for camera control and image acquisition. This small footprint SDK is a simplified, user-level API for accessing features and streaming images from Teledyne DALSA GigE Vision cameras.

Download GigE-V Framework

Supported Hardware Platforms

The framework supports both Desktop/Server systems and Embedded Systems. There are currently 4 CPU architectures supported:

  • x86 : Intel/AMD 32-bit and 64-bit CPUs
  • ARMv8 Hard Float: 64-bit ARM v8 platform
  • ARMv7 Hard Float: 32-bit ARM v7 with hardware floating point platform
  • ARM Soft Float: 32-bit ARM for software emulated floating point platform

Required for the Linux distribution

  • Linux OS support for Gigabit NIC hardware is required (kernel 2.6.24 and later)

Supported Cameras

The platform supports Teledyne DALSA GigE Vision cameras compatible to the GigE Vision Standard v1.2

  • Genie Nano series
  • Linea GigE series
  • Genie TS series (using the Standard or FastMode Firmwares )
  • Genie HM series
  • Genie Mono/Color series
  • Spyder3 GigE series

Turbodrive support

GigE-V framework for Linux Version 2.02 and lager support TurboDrive v1.

Key Features

  • Supports Teledyne DALSA GigE cameras
  • Integrated support for patented TurboDrive technology to boost GigE speeds
  • Proven image acquisition and control with field proven T2IR framework
  • Support multiple CPU  architectures :Intel/AMD (x86) and ARM (32/64-bit)
  • Supports C and C++programming languages

Key Benefits

  • Platform portability
  • Extensive camera offering in area and line scan cameras
  • Build-in diagnostic and monitoring tools
  • Faster application development with extensive documentation and demo/example source code 


The GigE Vision standard describes a set of protocols that define access methods and capabilities for devices and applications alike. The main protocols applicable for GigE Vision cameras are GVCP (GigE Vision Control Protocol) and GVSP (GigE Vision Streaming Protocol).

The GigE-V Framework API supports the standard register and memory area access parts of GVCP as well as its asynchronous message channel. The API also supports image acquisition from a device using GVSP.

The specific definitions of what is supported by a device are contained in the GigE Vision compliant XML file provided with the device. Starting with v2.0, the GigE-V Framework API library is able to read the XML file from the device, and associate a GenICam feature node tree with the device. For more information on how to use the XML file see the code examples provided in this document and the example programs supplied with the API

The GigE-V Framework API builds on the GenICam GenApi, which is included in the GigE-V Framework API installation. For more information and documentation of the GenICam GenApi visit the EMVA (European Machine Vision Association) website: