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NVIDIA® Jetson

Embedded Platform Support

Powerful solutions made simple

The power, cost, and size advantages of embedded vision systems are compelling. Teledyne DALSA makes it easy for you to combine our industry-leading area and line scan cameras with embedded platforms like Nvidia's® Jetson™ through our GigE-V Framework for Linux SDK. Jetson combined with our Genie Nano or Linea GigE cameras give you amazing performance and flexibility for your embedded solutions. 

In a small footprint

Supporting Linux for Tegra on the Nvidia Jetson platform (including TK1, TX1, TX2 and Xavier models), Teledyne DALSA's GigE-V Framework is  a simplified, user-level API for accessing the features of GigE Vision devices. With easily accessible parameters for peformance tuning, the SDK gives you the tools you need to create powerful, purpose-built embedded solutions. 

Additionally, our GigE-V Framework supports our innovative Turbodrive feature, allowing you to break through the GigE bandwidth limit, often doubling your throughput with no hardware changes and no loss of data.

Getting started with NVIDIA Jetson and Teledyne DALSA Embedded Platforms

Let our app note guide you how to use the NVIDIA JetPack installer to flash the L4T OS (and optional developer tools) on the Jetson TK1/TX1/TX2/Xavier and install the Teledyne DALSA GigE-V Framework for Linux. Read More »

How? It's easy! Check out our app note:

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