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Introducing TurboDrive

Break through the GigE limit

TurboDrive is a mode of operation used to push past the gigabit Ethernet speed ceiling, allowing a GigE Vision cameras to send pixel information at a rate in excess of 125 MB/s and speeding up line and frame rates beyond the nominal link capacity.

How much more speed does TurboDrive deliver? The degree of improvement is dependent on the image itself, but is often double the standard throughput.

Image Quality

TurboDrive does not affect your images—the images transmitted to system memory are exactly the same as the images read from the camera sensor, bit for bit. There is no loss of image data and no compromise.


TurboDrive does not require any hardware or software changes to your network or application. However it is only available on select Teledyne DALSA cameras and requires Teledyne DALSA's free Sapera LT SDK (v8.0 minimum), which includes our GigE driver.

Download TurboDrive Primer

Get the in-depth technical details on how TurboDrive works.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most common TurboDrive questions.

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TurboDrive Calculator

See how TurboDrive can increase your performance in the real world. Analyze your own images to see what sort of performance improvements are possible with TurboDrive.

(Sample images included. Requires Microsoft Windows 7 or higher.)

Download TurboDrive Calculator


Supported Models

  Line/Frame Rate
Family Example Models Resolution Standard With TurboDrive
Genie Nano-1GigE
See all models
Genie Nano M1930 Mono 1984 x 1264 48 fps Up to 110 fps
Genie Nano M2450 Polarized 2448 x 2048 22 fps Up to 52 fps
Genie Nano M2420 Mono 2464 x 2056 23.8 fps Up to 34.4 fps
Genie Nano XL C4090 Color 4096 x 4096 7.1 fps Up to 14 fps
Genie Nano C4060 Color 4112 x 2176 13.4 fps Up to 28 fps
Genie Nano-5GigE
See all models
Genie Nano 5G M4060 Mono 4112 x 2176 68 fps Up to 88 fps
Genie Nano 5G C5420 Color 5420 x 5420 15 fps Up to 19.3 fps
Genie Nano 5G M5420 Mono 5420 x 5420 15 fps Up to 19.3 fps
Genie Nano 5G C8100 Color 8192 x 5420 14 fps Up to 19.3 fps
Genie Nano 5G M8100 Mono 8192 x 5420 14 fps Up to 19.3 fps
See all models
Linea Mono 2k 52 kHz GigE 2048 x 1 52 kHz Up to 80 kHz
Linea Mono 4k 26 kHz GigE 4096 x 1 26 kHz Up to 80 kHz
Linea Mono 8k 13 kHz GigE 8192 x 1 13 kHz Up to 45 kHz