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Mixed Signal

Design Products

Teledyne DALSA offers a combination of unique technologies to customers looking forward to develop new-generation CMOS data converters with the ambition to become technology-references in the market.

Teledyne DALSA accumulates 10 years of experience, successfully creating innovative CMOS solutions and IPs for a broad portfolio of applications and customers.

Our engineering team consists of over 25, strongly interconnected, specialists in the following complementary areas of know-how: analog / mixed-signal circuit design, digital circuit design, system-on-chip architects, FPGA design, characterization & mass-production, data acquisition, and real-time image processing. Our design team relies on intensively silicon-proven architectures and IPs which can be modified on customer request to guarantee that innovation does not mean risk.

The top down approach starting with mathematical descriptions of the system and its sub blocks enable the team to make reliable predictions. In doing so, extensive simulations are performed with high level modelling tools. Once the architecture has been defined, simulations are performed on transistor level and compared with the high level models to validate those and if necessary do modifications. Scripting language is used to automate the workflow and increase the efficiency of the design work.

Our design products are design blocks available as databases set up for reuse. This makes it possible to adjust the design to your specific needs, for your specific IC designs. We offer design services to make the required modification or design additional circuitry. Together we will discuss the impact with respect to feasibility, effort, time and cost it takes for customization.

Several business models are available to obtain the designs. If you need more information or want to purchase IP, please contact us.

Teledyne DALSA is proud to serve a wide range of customers with our mixed signal circuit designs, including these: