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Charge Redistribution DAC

The CRDAC12b is a 12-bit charge-redistribution DAC. The DAC is especially suited to discrete-time applications, where the output signal is sampled, but also works well in continuous-time applications. The DAC has been optimized for high speed and low area. It has been designed for applications where DC transfer is not required.

The functional block diagram is shown below.


  • Fs: max 160 MHz
  • BW: 1 kHz – ½ fs
  • Noise (1 kHz – 20 MHz): -72 dBV
  • THD: -61 dBc
  • Area: 0.1 mm2
  • Technology: 65 nm CMOS


  • Baseband signal generation
  • Inter-chip data communication
  • Video baseband transmitting

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