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Mixed Signal

Design Concepts

As member of the Teledyne DALSA family since 2013, we have developed a deep pool of experience in ROIC design (Read Out Integrated Circuit), including Column ADC, single slope, dual slope and multi slope ADC variants. These designs have been leveraged in external customer projects for a wide range of applications.

More detailed information is available under NDA.

Our design products are design blocks available as databases set up for reuse. This makes it possible to adjust the design to your specific needs, for your specific IC designs. We offer design services to make the required modification or design additional circuitry. Together we will discuss the impact with respect to feasibility, effort, time and cost it takes for customization.

Several business models are available to obtain the designs. If you need more information or want to purchase IP, please contact us.

We are continually broadening our IP portfolio, which includes the following IP concepts: