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Hybrid ADC 1MS/s 16b

Extended Range Incremental Sigma Delta ADC

The AXIOM_ERISD_ADC_1MS16b is an extended range incremental sigma delta (ER-I-SD) converter. The hybrid ADC is a combination of two sub-converters, a 4-bit incremental sigma delta (I-SD) and a 12-bit SAR converter. It provides both speed and precision simultaneously with low power consumption.

The IP reduces the required sampling time (one order of magnitude) compared to the other industrially and academically reported ER-I-SD converters. This makes the IP suitable for applications where the input is available only for a short period of time, for example IR sensor arrays.

The built-in offset cancellation subtracts a deterministic offset voltage from the input signal. This function is suitable for cancelling the inherent offset of the IR sensors.

The AXIOM_ERISD_ADC_1MS16b has a built-in variable gain amplifier (VGA) to provide selectable gains from 0 to 20 dB in 1 dB steps. This function provides 3-bit extension to the non-simultaneous dynamic range of the converter.

The chip is functional in a wide temperature range from -223 °C to 85 °C. Therefore the ADC is suitable from commercial to space applications. 

The functional block diagram is shown below.


  • Sample-rate up to 350 MS/s
  • Sample-rate: 1 MSPS
  • Power consumption: 16 mW
  • Single-ended input
  • Output: 16-bit data
    • 4-bit MSB from I-SD
    • 12-bit LSB from SAR
  • >14 ENOB


  • >86 dB SFDR (incl. THD)
  • Built-in VGA: selectable from 0 dB to 20 dB voltage gain (in 1 dB steps)
  • Area: 2 mm2
  • Technology: UMC180nm
  • Temperature range from -223 °C to 85 °C
  • Designed for radiation hardening
  • Silicon proven


  • Low-power, fast/precise data conversion
  • Pixel array read-out and data conversion 
  • Wide temperature range applications
  • Selectable dynamic range applications