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High Speed TXDAC 350MS/s 14b

The TXDAC300MS14b is a general purpose 350 MS/s 14 bits charge redistribution DAC in 40 nm CMOS with differential output buffer, capable of driving an external differential load of 200 Ω // 2 pF. The DAC core is a charge redistribution converter. The DAC elements are segmented into an MSB thermometer section and an LSB binary section. Dynamic Element Matching (DEM) can be activated to lower the output signal spurs that are caused by mismatch between the thermometer elements. The on-chip output buffer is capable of driving an external differential load of 200 Ω // 2 pF with 0.4 V peak differential at full scale.

This product is still in development and all information in this datasheet is preliminary and subject to change.

The functional block diagram is shown below.


  • Sample-rate up to 350 MS/s
  • Signal band 5-85 MHz
  • SNDR > 65 dB 
  • Differential output buffer, capable of driving 200 Ω //2 pF
  • 14 bits resolution
  • Full scale output 0.4 V peak differential 
  • DEM to lower output spurs can be enabled/disabled
  • Area is 0.3 mm2 in 40 nm CMOS (excl. bond pads)


  • Transmit DAC in wire-line applications like DOCSIS 3.0
  • Transmit DAC in base stations