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Sapera LT SDK

Powerful Software Libraries for Vision Developers

Acquisition and Control Libraries

Sapera LT is a free image acquisition and control software development toolkit (SDK) for Teledyne DALSA’S 2D/3D cameras and frame grabbers. Hardware independent in nature, Sapera LT offers a rich development ecosystem for machine vision OEMs and system integrators. Sapera LT supports image acquisition from cameras and frame grabbers based on standards including 2D/3D GigE Vision™, CameraLink®, CameraLink HS™, CoaXpress®, and USB3 Vision from Teledyne Lumenera.

Key Features

  • Supports Teledyne DALSA 2D/3D GigE, CameraLink, Camera Link HS, HSLink  cameras
  • Integrated support for patented TurboDrive technology to boost GigE speeds
  • Proven image acquisition and control with field proven T2IR framework
  • Free download with Teledyne DALSA hardware
  • Extensive camera supports for area and line scan cameras
  • Hardware Independent
  • Supports C++,  C# and VB.NET programming languages
  • Supports 64-bit/32-bit Windows 10, 8x, 7, WoW64 and Linux*
    * some conditions apply; contact Teledyne DALSA sales for more information

Key Benefits

  • Platform portability
  • Extensive camera support
  • Build-in diagnostic and monitoring tools
  • Faster application development with extensive documentation and demo/example source code 

Image Acquisition

Sapera LT SDK provides field proven functions and libraries for image acquisition from a wide variety of area and linescan color/monochrome cameras. Sapera LT SDK support all major machine vision standard such as CameraLink, CameraLink HS and GigE Vision. Sapera LT features GigE Vision driver that incorporate Teledyne DALSA’s patented TurboDrive™ technology to augment the GigE image transfer speeds by a factor of x1.5 to x3. When coupled with supported hardware cameras, this breakthrough technology delivers additional bandwith to imaging applications without additional programming steps or resource utilization.

Sapera LT SDK package includes APIs for C++, .NET and Standard C with an extensive set of ready to run programming examples and projects for Microsoft Visual Studio C++ and .NET (C# and VB.NET) platforms. The image acquisition libraries are designed for high performance vision applications in mind and offer sophisticated host image buffer and transfer management techniques. Sapera LT SDK and its re-distributable runtime components for application deployment are offered free of charge when used with Teledyne DALSA cameras and frame grabbers.


Sapera CamExpert provides an indispensable user touch point for configuring and setting up cameras. Sapera CamExpert offers an intuitive graphical interface that allows configuring and setup of CameraLink, GigE Vision, CLHS, HSLink and GenCP compliant cameras and frame grabbers.

Sapera CamExpert includes live image acquisition with interactive parameter configuration capabilities. With live status windows and built-in serial communication terminal, users can setup the camera and frame grabbers from a single window.

In addition, Sapera CamExpert offers software color conversion algorithms, horizontal and vertical line profiles, individual pixels inspection window, localized zoom, and image statistics (histogram, max, min, average values, etc.) to facilitate setup and diagnosis.

3D and CamExpert X

  • Supports Teledyne DALSA’s 3D devices such as Z-Trak 3D Laser Profiler.
  • Can also support third-party Linescan 3D devices via GenICam
  • Compatible with GenICam SFNC v2.3 (including Scan3D features)
  • New 3D packed pixel formats containing: Z (depth), X (lateral), reflectance and extra device specific information.
  • 3D buffer attributes: invalid points flag, world scaling factors, distance unit
  • 3D data storage in TIFF and CRC (proprietary) file formats
  • Splitting and merging functions for 3D data formats manipulations
  • New CamExpert X Program
    • New generation of CamExpert with enhanced capabilities (supports Z-Trak devices)
    • Refreshed and improved UI based on Qt technology
    • Continuous and discrete image capture for 3D profiles and range maps
    • Versatile and efficient display module using GPU-based 3D surface display
    • 3D Profile, Image and Surface view with world coordinates
    • Zooming, panning and grid display
    • Point-wise world coordinate display with orthogonal distance measurement
    • Interactive component display (Z, X, R) with colors

Demos & Examples

Sapera LT includes a range of demo applications built using its libraries with C++, Microsoft .Net C++, C# and Visual Basic on Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows 8/8.1/10 64/32-bit operating systems. Additional platform support includes Microsoft WoW64 and Linux (some conditions apply; contact Teledyne DALSA sales for more info). Application developers can use Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, 2010 and 2013.

Demo Type Name MSVS C++ MSVS.Net C# MSVS.Net VB
GUI Based BayerDemo × × ×
GUI Based ColorConversionDemo × ×  
GUI Based DualAcqDemo × × ×
GUI Based FlatFieldDemo × × ×
GUI Based CameraCompressionDemo × ×  
GUI Based GigECameraDemo × × ×
GUI Based GigEFlatFieldDemo × × ×
GUI Based GigEMetaDataDemo × ×  
GUI Based GigESeqGrabDemo × × ×
GUI Based GrabDemo × × ×
GUI Based SeqGrabDemo × × ×
GUI Based GigEBayerDemo × - -
GUI Based IODemo × - -
Console CameraEvents × × ×
Console CameraFeatures × × ×
Console CameraFiles × × ×
Console ColorSplit × × ×
Console FileLoadConsole × × ×
Console FileLoadMFC × × ×
Console FindCamera × × ×
Console GigEAutoWhiteBalance × × ×
Console GigECameraLut × × ×
Console GrabCameraLink × × ×
Console GrabConsole × × ×
Console GrabLut × × ×
Console GrabMFC × × ×



Sapera LT features Teledyne DALSA’s Trigger-To-Image-Reliability framework. T2IR is a set of programmable functions within the Sapera libraries that supports the real-time traceability of the image acquisition and transfer process. Developers can build detection, monitoring, diagnostic and prevention capabilities directly into their application for seamless operations. T2IR combines hardware and software functions including visual indicators on the hardware, software libraries and stand-alone, non-intrusive utilities that can run transparently alongside the user applications without modifications.

Development Platforms and Tools

Sapera LT SDK image acquisition and control libraries are hardware independent and allow seamless interchangeability among Teledyne DALSA cameras and/or frame grabbers. Modular in nature, Sapera LT applications can be developed using Microsoft® C/C++, Microsoft .NET™ platform: C++, C#, Visual Basic™ and Embarcadero® C++ Builder. Sapera LT is fully supported on Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8.0/8.1 64-bit/32-bit platforms.

Name Description
CamExpert Camera and Frame Grabber configuration and setup GUI. CamExpert supports hundreds of camera models and configurations including 3rd party cameras
CamExpert X 3D Camera configuration and setup GUI. CamExpert X supports Teledyne DALSA's 3D acquisition devices such as Z-Trak 3D Laser Profiler.
Sapera Monitor Part of Sapera LT’s T2IR framework, allows monitoring of Sapera LT in real-time; runs alongside any other Sapera LT base application
Sapera LogViewer Logs and displays low level Sapera LT interaction with host, buffers and acquisition devices
Sapera Configuration Tool Allows buffer and memory management along with communication port configuration
Sapera PCIDiag Host level utility displays PCI configuration and resource allocation and identifies conflicts


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