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Automotive Solutions

Machine Vision for Automotive Manufacturing

Verify correct installation of cable assemblies

Verify part features, such as bearings, using counting tools

Verify part features, such as bearings, using counting tools

Verify the presence, location, and orientation of sub-assemblies

What vision tasks do you need to perform?

Could your manufacturing process benefit from vision tasks like these?

  • Guide a robot for assembly or welding
  • Verify the correct orientation of a part or assembly
  • Count the number of welds, teeth, slots, or other such features
  • Read a barcode, 2D matrix code, or stamped characters
  • Perform a critical dimensional measurement
  • Check for surface defects before painting
  • Determine the location, diameter, and roundness of a hole
  • Verify the integrity and uniformity of an adhesive bead or gasket
  • Communicate with 3rd party equipment such as robots, PLCs, HMIs, and remote storage

Guide robots to pick and install parts on assemblies

Ensure part traceability throughout the product life cycle

Check assembly using color verification tools

Verify the integrity and uniformity of adhesive beads

Article: Vision system ensures speed and accuracy for automotive industry

Hand-counting piston rings as small as 0.29 - 0.79 mm in width and packaging them in various batch counts, was not only adding to labor costs, but also proving unreliable in the highly competitive automotive sector. A far more reliable answer came in the form of a custom machine vision solution using Teledyne DALSA's Sherlock software.

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