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Embedded Vision Systems

Intelligent Processing at the Edge

From pixel to decision. Teledyne harnesses our industry-leading, high-performance imaging hardware and software capabilities and pairs this with our in-depth vision application expertise to deliver application-specific embedded vision systems tailored to our customers’ needs and focused on maximum data throughput.

Our Approach

Customer and Application Focus

Customer and Application Focus

We start with a focus on the user and a deep understanding of the challenges of a variety of vision applications.

Proven Technology Platform

Proven Technology Platform

We preselect the right components to meet the needs of our customers' application, drawing on our extensive portfolio of industry-leading, high-performance vision products and sensors (1D, 2D, 3D, LWIR, SWIR, Time of Fight), dedicated data processing, and our comprehensive software platforms.

Tailored Embedded Vision Solution

Tailored Embedded Vision Solution

We work with our customers and adapt these vision hardware and software components into an embedded vision system tailored to optimize performance and meet the requirements of each of their specific applications.

Teledyne’s approach streamlines the system implementation process and gets our customers up and running faster by:

  • Reducing system implementation complexity
  • Simplifying component integration
  • Accelerating implementation timelines
Teledyne Embedded Vision Systems

Core Applications


High speed identification:

  • Barcode Reading
  • Auto ID 
  • Part Recognition 
  • Sorting
Industrial Automation

Inspection & detection:

  • Web Inspection 
  • Food Sorting 
  • Recycling

Surveillance & observation systems: 

  • Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)
  • Smart City Installation
  • Transportation
  • Safety and Security
Robot Vision

Guidance & inspection systems: 

  • Robot guidance
  • Bin Picking
  • Robot Mounted Metrology

A Tailored Embedded Vision System

What We Deliver

Teledyne Embedded Vision Systems draw from our industry-leading, customer-proven imaging products and software to build an intelligent solution that meets the specific needs of each application. We deliver:

  • Tailored combinations of the right vision hardware and software to deliver maximum data throughput at the edge, to address a variety of challenging inspection, detection, and guidance applications
  • A wealth of high-performance vision technology and application-specific expertise to meet our customers’ needs now and to evolve as requirements change over time
  • Ongoing piece of mind during and after implementation
    • Minimal end user vision expertise required
    • Secure data collection
    • Automated data processing
    • Easy product replacement and substitution as needs change
    • Simplified system maintenance

Intelligent High Performance Vision Products and Solutions


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