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Xineos CMOS X-Ray Flat Detectors: Better Images, Lower Dose

Utilizing Teledyne DALSA’s sixth generation proprietary radiation-hard CMOS Active Pixel design, the Xineos-HR Flat X-ray Detectors offer the industry’s highest spatial resolution available in a compact flat detector package. Offering temperature-stable imaging characteristics, internal offset, gain and defect corrections, and eliminating the need for forced cooling, these Xineos detectors are easy to integrate and reliable, reducing system recalibration and maintenance requirements in critical, heavy-use imaging systems.

Advantages as clear as the images themselves

The Xineos-HR range is specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of clinical, scientific and industrial applications, by using an advanced switchable pixel design that combines a high dynamic range with unsurpassed signal-to-noise performance at the lowest exposure levels. These dynamic applications benefit from the increased detectability of small or low-contrast features while imaging lag-free at high frame rates in full resolution. Flexible zoom modes can be used to capture regions-of-interest at 120fps or even faster. Instantly after power-on, the detectors are ready to output crystal clean images and switching between different readout modes is instant.

Feature Highlights

  • 99μm pixel pitch
  • Best in class resolution
  • Excellent low-dose image quality
  • Flexible binning modes & ROI programming
  • Negligible image lag
  • Instant mode switching
  • No warm-up time needed
  • Stable offset calibration
  • Low power dissipation
  • Embedded gain-, offset- and defect pixel correction
  • CameraLink (Full) data interface (other options available on request)

Typical Performance Values @ RQA5


Scintillator Medical-grade columnar CsI
Saturation Dose  RQA5 (per mode) 5 uGy / 24 uGy
Dynamic Range (per mode) 70 dB / 75 dB
MTF @ 1lp/mm / 2lp/mm 60% / 32%
DQE(0) @ 20uGy, RQA5 70%
DQE(0) @ 5nGy, RQA5 68%
Image Lag (1st frame @ 30fps) 0.1%
X-Ray Energy Range 15..150 kV
Power Consumption (Active) <15W

Teledyne DALSA offers powerful, innovative CMOS X-Ray detectors combining industry-leading performance with cutting-edge features for applications such as orthopedic and surgical radiographymammography, intra- and extra-oral dental radiography, CT, and bone densitometry

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