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Dental Imaging

better images at lower dose

Teledyne DALSA has developed cutting edge image sensor technology for dental radiology, including cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), panoramic and cephalometric imaging. Our sensors are designed specifically for X-ray applications, and offer significant advantages over traditional film or existing electronic imagers. 

What makes us better

Our exceptional performance comes from our innovations in both hardware and software.


Thanks to exceptionally low electronic noise floors, our sensors deliver exceptionally wide dynamic range for image quiality that does not degrade at low doses. Teledyne DALSA's sophisticated architectures also prevents sensor saturation due to overexposure at higher doses. Teledyne DALSA's superior pixel designs simultaneously yield better resolution and better contrast for the highest diagnostic image quality available. This allows easier diagnosis and fewer re-takes.

Teledyne DALSA's CMOS focuses on Cone Beam CT and frame based panoramic applications. Our TDI CCDs offer a new level in performance and value for panoramic and cephalometric applications. 

With radiation-hard pixel designs for longer device lifetime Teledyne DALSA's sensors will provide consistent image quality over the long term. With package encapsulation technology designed for harsh environments, our sensors will withstand shocks and vibrations as well as repeated cleanings in the dental office.


View Dynamic, Static, and Scanning Detectors


Teledyne DALSA’s Xineos X-Ray Image Reconstruction Technology is a revolutionary new method of capturing sharp panoramic images, completely bypassing traditional limits. Instead of chasing a single focal plane, we take a tomographic approach. Using high speed frame-based CMOS detectors, we capture a 3D tomographic volume containing the entire clinically-relevant patient anatomy. From this tomographic stack we generate an ideal 2D panoramic projection, with unsurpassed sharpness across the entire image, regardless of patient alignment.

Learn more about our Xineos X-Ray Image Reconstruction Technology