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GigE Cameras

Teledyne DALSA’s GigE Vision Cameras add breakthrough speeds with low cost performance. Equipped with high-resolution CMOS sensors that deliver images with faster frame rates with Teledyne DALSA’s Turbodrive ™ technology. All of Teledyne DALSA’s GigE cameras are based on the AIA GigE Vision Standard and are easy to set up with a PC.

GigE Vision is a proven AIA industry standard. Click here to learn more >>


Ease of use and Multi-camera topology

GigE cameras at Teledyne DALSA now have bandwidths ranging from 1Gbps to 5Gbps. Using a standard interface such as Ethernet allows GigE cameras to seamlessly integrate these transfer speeds into many systems. Additionally, cameras connected over a network have the benefit of remote access. Even without being on site, a GigE camera is always close by. This allows for multiple cameras to be connected over a network that can support synchronization over a Precision Time Protocol (PTP).

Long Range Applications

Capable of interfacing with systems over long distances with cable lengths up to 100 meters using CAT-5e or CAT-6. This is ideal for applications such as Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), surveillance, and sports casting.


With a direct connect interface like GigE, simple integration can help save on costs. By not relying on extra hardware like a frame grabber, a GigE vision system is able to run directly off a host computer.

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