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Area Scan Cameras

From full-featured high performance cameras, to cost-efficient board level cameras, Teledyne Imaging provides a broad and deep area scan camera portfolio to meet the challenges of today’s imaging applications.

The Right Sensors. The Right Interfaces.

Teledyne Imaging area scan cameras are based on the industry’s most innovative image sensor technology from manufacturers including Sony®, On Semiconductor®, and our own Teledyne Imaging sensors. Our area scan cameras offer support for a variety of interfaces, from GigE Vision (1 to 5 GigE) and USB3 Vision, to Camera Link, Camera Link HS, and CoaXPress – allowing seamless integration with virtually any imaging system.

Key Features

Camera Selection

A range of image resolutions from tiny details with small ¼” sensors, found in the compact Genie Nano Camera line up, to Medium Format sensors found in Falcon4 cameras when the resolution is the highest priority.

Image Quality

Industry’s latest CMOS sensors offering high dynamic range, low-noise sensitivity, vivid color images, and high frame rates.

Camera Interfaces

Support for a wide variety of cameras interfaces ranging from GigE, USB3, and 5GigE, to CameraLink, CameraLinkHS, and CoaXPress.

Imaging Applications

Applications range from a variety of industries including factory automation, intelligent traffic systems (ITS), industrial inspection, aerial imaging, surveillance, and more…

Our Area Scan Cameras

Falcon4 CLHS

CLHS cameras from 11 to 86 MP and 16 to 609 fps. True high-performance.

Genie Nano CXP

CoaXPress cameras from 16 to 67 MP. Proven 6 Gbps technology for breakthrough speed.

Genie Nano CL

Camera Link cameras from 5 to 25 MP. Proven interface for high frame rates.

Forge 5GigE

5GigE cameras supporting Lossless Compression and Burst Mode to capture images at speeds up to 10 Gb/s and an impressive 500 MB image buffer.


Genie Nano 5GigE

5GigE cameras from 3.2 to 45 MP with TurboDrive technology that provides the same throughput as a 10GigE camera but with a lower cost of ownership.

Oryx 10GigE

10GigE cameras from 3.2 to 31 MP leveraging Sony Pregius 2nd / 3rd Generation and Pregius S sensors. Designed for easy OEM integration.

Genie Nano 10GigE

10GigE cameras from 37 to 67 MP, offering scalable GigE Vision compliant solutions for higher interface speeds and resolutions.

Blackfly S 1GigE Enclosed

1GigE cameras from 0.4 to 24.5 MP. Lossless Compression technology for going beyond GigE limitations. 

Blackfly S USB3 Enclosed

USB3 cameras from 0.4 to 24.5 MP. Offering powerful features, designed for easy integration and leverages Sony Pregius, Starvis, OnSemi, and Python sensors.

Blackfly S 1GigE / USB3 Board Level

USB3 & 1GigE Board Level cameras, 0.4 to 24.5 MP, power features, easy integration, Sony Pregius & Starvis, OnSemi, and Python sensors.

Firefly S USB3

Essential machine vision features, ultra-compact body, entry-level pricing. From 0.4 to 1.6 MP leveraging Sony Pregius sensors.

Firefly DL USB3

USB3 camera, 1.6 MP, deep learning inference on-camera, and compact 27 mm × 27 mm × 14 mm footprint. Deploy your trained neural network directly on to the camera.

Genie Nano 1GigE

1GigE cameras from VGA to 25MP. Exclusive TurboDrive technology for the highest frame rates in the industry.

Lt Series USB3 Enclosed

USB3 cameras from 1.7 to 31MP. Compact, lightweight, and designed to meet the challenges of modern vision systems and embedded vision applications.

Lt Series USB3 Board Level

USB3 Board Level cameras offer a smaller, lighter, and lower cost imaging solution. From 1.7 to 12 MP providing the flexibility to meet the requirements of a variety of imaging systems.


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