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Z-Trak LP2C


In-line 3D Measurements Made More Accessible

Z-Trak™ LP2C 4K is the newest member of the Z-Trak LP2C family targeting in-line 3D measurement and inspection applications. Its 4,096 samples per profile helps to measure and inspect parts with tighter tolerances, and to identify smaller defects cost effectively.

Maintenance free and factory calibrated, Z-Trak LP2C 4K sensors combine high speed scans with easy-to-use software tools, and deliver highly repeatable and accurate height, width, and length measurements.

Handling a wide variety of surfaces and materials

Z-Trak LP2C 4K models are available for measurement ranges of up to 650mm and have a horizontal field-of-view of up to 1200mm. The series can also handle a wide variety of surface and material types with its red and blue eye-safe lasers.

Reflection elimination and in-line processing

Z-Trak LP2C features in-line processing capabilities to improve and enhance the profiles. In addition, it can generate additional metadata that up-stream algorithms can use to eliminate un-wanted reflections. Cleaner 3D scans produce accurate and dependable results.

Multi-sensor configuration and Unified Measurement Space (UMS)

3D inspection applications requiring 360° views, thickness measurement, an extended horizontal field of view without sacrificing the z-resolution or removing occlusion etc. require the combination of multiple profile sensors. Z-Expert, an intuitive configuration utility for the Z-Trak family of profilers, helps transform data from multiple Z-Trak profilers into a common coordination system called Unified Measurement Space. The resulting 3D data is viewed as a 3D point-cloud, mesh, or a range map image. The profiles from this 3D data can be extracted at an arbitrary angle for further measurements and analysis. The architecture of the Z-Trak profiler also enables models with different measurement ranges and laser configurations to be combined.


All Z-Trak models include a free license of Teledyne DALSA's Sherlock 8 - a graphical programming package allowing rapid application deployment. The free Z-Trak software bundle also includes Sapera LT and Sapera Processing run-time license. 

Vision Software
Z-Expert-360 View Using 4 Synchronized Z-Trak Sensors


With its compact size and simplified cabling, Z-Trak LP2C is ideal for applications in battery, automotive, factory automation, robotics, and logistics markets.

Z-Trak Application Lab

Wondering if 3D laser profile inspection can work for you? Finding out is simple.

Our Z-Trak Application Lab is here – A dedicated lab for scanning materials for inspection and learning if 3D laser profiling will provide value.

  1. Send us your samples.
  2. We scan them using our Z-Trak 3D laser profiler.
  3. You get the results.

We are now accepting your sample materials to run through our Z-Trak Lab for free testing.

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Family Specifications1

Supported Interfaces Gigabit Ethernet, 5 Gigabit Ethernet




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