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Verification by Machine Vision

Machine vision systems are widely used for the verification of parts, assemblies and packaged goods. The range of verification applications are generally so broad, they utilize the same tools for positioning, measurement, identification and flaw detection. Verification is often combined with other tasks, such as measurement of part dimensions or reading of product barcode, to render 100% product inspection.

Color tools are often used to detect the presence and order of parts on an assembly

Automotive fuse verification

Medical components

Grain grading by color

Gear teeth

Verification Applications

  • Blister pack verification
  • Molded part verification
  • Solder joint verification
  • Bottle cap and safety seal verification
  • Print verification
  • PCB assembly verification
  • Cable wiring verification
  • Package verification
  • Feature (thread, hole, notch) verification

Verify cable assembly

Verify the configuration of a switch assembly

Verify pharmaceutical seal integrity

Verify the uniformity of glue bead