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General Manufacturing

Teledyne's world-leading vision components help manufacturers around the world apply vision technology to improve quality control, increase throughput, and automate tasks. Our products serve demanding applications in a wide variety of manufacturing systems--guiding robots, tracking parts and verifying every step of thousands of diverse assembly/production processes.

Monitoring production of aluminum extrusions

Verifying part features, such as gear teeth

Reading markings on parts or assemblies

X-ray weld inspection

What vision tasks do you need to perform?

Could your manufacturing process benefit from vision tasks like these?

  • Guide a robot for assembly or welding
  • Verify the correct orientation of a part or assembly
  • Count the number of welds, teeth, slots, or other such features
  • Read a barcode, 2D matrix code, or stamped characters
  • Perform a critical dimensional measurement
  • Check for surface defects before painting
  • Determine the location, diameter, and roundness of a hole
  • Verify the integrity and uniformity of an adhesive bead or gasket
  • Communicate with 3rd party equipment such as robots, PLCs, HMIs, and remote storage