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X-Ray Image Reconstruction

A revolution in sharpness

Our innovative tomographic approach breaks through traditional limits

Teledyne DALSA’s Xineos X-Ray Image Reconstruction Technology is a revolutionary new method of capturing sharp panoramic images, completely bypassing traditional limits. Instead of chasing a single focal plane, we take a tomographic approach. Using high speed frame-based CMOS detectors, we capture a 3D tomographic volume containing the entire clinically-relevant patient anatomy. This allows us to generate a stack of tomographic planes.

Traditional single plane reconstruction results in compromises

Traditional dental panoramic imaging has always struggled with image clarity. Because the process superimposes projections of a 3D structure onto a 2D plane, any single view contains compromises and inconsistent sharpness. 

In the quest for a better image, system designers have tried many schemes, including complex motion paths for the scanning hardware, trying to find the best imaging plane. But there is no single perfect plane for all anatomies…especially if the patient is not perfectly aligned or perfectly still. Any asymmetry or patient motion reduces sharpness. Any single plane will always be a compromise.

The Tomographic Advantage

From a tomographic stack, our advanced algorithms reconstruct an ideal 2D panoramic projection, with unsurpassed sharpness across the entire image, regardless of patient alignment

The result: the sharpest image possible, independent of patient-specific anatomy. Better images mean fewer retakes, which in turn means lower patient dose.

More Information

Interested in using our Xineos X-Ray Image Reconstruction Technology software libraries? They’re available for use with select Xineos CMOS detectors including these:

Contact us for details, demonstrations, and further discussions.