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Xineos-1515 Gige

Better Images, Lower Dose

The Xineos-1515 CMOS flat detector sets new benchmarks in imaging performance, particularly at low doses. Built with our sixth generation CMOS technology, this detector's advanced pixel design offers a switchable saturation dose to deliver either the highest dynamic range or highest sensitivity, depending on the clinical requirements and patient dose characteristics of different clinical procedures.

With a 15x15 cm active area, the Xineos-1515 easily images objects as large as an entire adult mandible, and with a programmable region of interest (ROI) that is flexible in size, position and frame rate (e.g. 15x1 cm @ 300 fps), a single detector can deliver optimized image quality for different procedures — for example supporting the needs of both Dental CBCT/Panoramic 2-in-1 systems.

Advantages as clear as the images

Supporting real-time 30 fps operation at full resolution, combined with industry-leading performance at low doses, Xineos-1515 is ideal for real-time fluoroscopy. Built-in defect correction and gain/offset (flat-field) correction ensure the best diagnostic image quality – allowing for diagnosis of medical anomalies at earlier stages, and significantly increasing the probability of early intervention, patient recovery, and reduced treatment costs.

The Xineos-1515 is also built with patient and practitioner convenience in mind. Its narrow, rounded shoulder edge (7.3 mm—smallest in the industry) allows the most compact shell designs for easier patient access, and the low power CMOS design has no need for external cooling, further enabling a small detector unit that needs less space in crowded application environments.

Feature Highlights

Latest generation CMOS technology; even lower noise, lower power consumption

  • Switchable pixel sensitivity for highest sensitivity AND highest dynamic range Unmatched image quality at low doses, best-in-class DQE at all doses
  • High frame rates: 30 fps full resolution, up to 300 fps with adjustable ROI mode
  • Serves dental CBCT and Panoramic with the same detector
  • Smallest shoulder edge distance in industry for better patient access
  • Negligible image lag
  • Contact us for information about different data interface options

Typical Values @ RQA5

Resolution 1548x1548
Pixel Size 99x99 µm
Area 153 x 153 mm
Saturation Dose  
 - High Dynamic Range Mode 10 uGy 
 - High Sensitivity Mode 2.2 uGy 
Frame Rates  
 - Full area, full resolution 22 fps (GigE)
 - Full area, 2x2 pixel binning 60 fps
 - 15x1 cm ROI, full resolution 300 fps
ADC Conversion 14 bits (16384 levels)
Dynamic Range  
 - High Dynamic Range Mode 75 dB (5600:1)
 - High Sensitivity Mode 71 dB (3500:1)
DQE (@ 0 lp/mm, RQA5) 70%
MTF (@ 1 lp/mm, RQA5) 60%
Image Lag <0.1%
Data and Control Interface Gigabit Ethernet 
Power Supply +12 Vdc
Power Consumption 10 W (GigE)
Weight 2.4kg


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