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4K Trilinear RGB CMOS

The IT-L7-04096 trilinear sensor is a high performance, digital, RGB line scan CMOS image sensor. The sensor has three individual lines for independent red, blue, and green channels. Each colour has its own exposure control making it easier to perform white calibration. The sensor is optimized for high line rates (3 x 70 kHz) and low noise, while providing high responsivity and high quantum efficiency (QE). The sensor is designed for ease-of-integration and uses FR4 packaging.

The pixel features global shutter capability, 100% fill factor, and true correlated double sampling (CDS) for low noise.

FR4 packaging offers high signal integrity and simple interfacing for quick system integration. The interface consists of two 60-pin connectors, which contain input signals, such as EXSYNC (trigger), clocks and voltages, and output signals, such as data and strobe (s-LVDS). Access to the registers of the sensor is handled through a serial-peripheral interface (SPI), plus the temperature of the sensor can be monitored.

The two 60-pin connectors on the IT-L7 share the same electrical and mechanical interface with the entire IT-K and IT-L sensor series, whereby the two 60-pin connectors and four mounting holes are positioned identically relative to one another as well as having pin compatibility.

  • 3 pixel rows (RGB) with independent exposure control
  • High speed: 3 × 70 kHz line rate
  • High responsivity and full well
  • 100% fill factor
  • Low noise
  • Ease of integration
  • Common electrical and mechanical interface
IT-L7-04096  4K Trilinear RGB CMOS


Part Number IT-L7-04096
Spectrum Capability Visible (400-700 nm)
Sensor Technology CMOS
Scan Type Line Scan
Color Capability Color
Resolution 4096 x 3
Frame/Line Rate 70 kHz
Pixel Size 10.56 µm
Bit Depth 12
Responsivity 270 DN / nJ / cm² @ 12-bit, peak
Operating Temperature 0,60 °C
Total Data Rate MHz
Dynamic Range 67 dB
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