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4K Single Line Monochrome CMOS

The IT-K3-04120 sensor is a high performance, digital, monochrome single line scan CMOS image sensor. The sensor is optimized for a high line rate and low noise, while providing high responsivity and high quantum efficiency (QE). The sensor is designed for ease-of-integration and uses FR4 packaging.

The pixel features global shutter capability, 100% fill factor, and true correlated double sampling (CDS) for low noise.

FR4 packaging offers high signal integrity and simple interfacing for quick system integration. The interface consists of two 60-pin connectors, which contain input signals, such as EXSYNC (trigger), clocks and voltages, and output signals, such as data and strobe (s-LVDS). Access to the registers of the sensor is handled through a serial-peripheral interface (SPI), plus the temperature of the sensor can be monitored.

The two 60-pin connectors on the IT-K3 share the same electrical and mechanical interface with the entire IT-K and IT-L sensor series, whereby the two 60-pin connectors and four mounting holes are positioned identically relative to one another as well as having pin compatibility.

  • High speed: 70 kHz
  • 100% fill factor
  • Low noise
  • Ease of integration
  • Common electrical and mechanical interface
IT-K3-04120 4K Single Line Monochrome CMOS


Part Number IT-K3-04120
Spectrum Capability Visible (400-700 nm)
Sensor Technology CMOS
Scan Type Line Scan
Color Capability Mono
Resolution 4120 x 1
Frame/Line Rate 70 kHz
Pixel Size 7.04 µm
Bit Depth 12
Responsivity 210 DN / nJ / cm² @ 12-bit, peak
Random Noise 1.9
Operating Temperature 0,60 °C
Total Data Rate MHz
Dynamic Range 66 dB
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