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USB3 Cameras

The Lt Series offers a wide variety of USB3 cameras to meet very specific imaging application needs. These cameras provide a large selection of the latest CMOS sensor technology including both Sony Pregius global shutter and Starvis rolling shutter sensors. All Lt Series USB3 Cameras support the USB3 Vision standard.

Straightforward Connectivity

USB3 connectivity simplifies the process of integrating cameras with a vision system. By directly connecting to a computer, USB3 cameras allow users to capture color-accurate and clear images without the need for any additional hardware. This all-in-one solution helps keep imaging hardware cost effective with no need for a switch or frame grabber.


With a compact and rugged form factor, Lt Series USB3 cameras are built for rugged 24/7 use. Equipped with fully-locking USB3 connectors and the latest CMOS sensor technology, these cameras are ideal for imaging applications where resolution, sensitivity, accuracy, speed, and precision are critical.

Wide Variety of Imaging Applications

The Lt Series cameras have the features and form factors to perform in a wide variety of industrial and scientific imaging applications. Board level cameras are ideal for use in embedded systems or when system space is tight. Fully-enclosed cameras offer a greater level of protection in harsh conditions and have available features for enhanced performance in variable lighting conditions.

Our USB3 Cameras

Lt Series Cameras

From 1.7 to 20 megapixels, compact, lightweight USB3 cameras designed to meet the challenges of modern vision systems

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Lt Series Board Level Cameras

From 1.7 to 12 megapixels, USB3 board level cameras designed for today’s embedded vision systems

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