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CoaXPress Cameras

Teledyne DALSA’s CoaXPress cameras offer high bandwidth potential in imaging applications. With CoaXPress, cameras can use traditional coax cables that span longer distances than many other types of cameras. Using Teledyne DALSA’s latest frame grabber technology, vision systems can take advantage of even higher frame rates with higher-resolution sensors. Whatever the application, CoaxPress cameras will be able to transfer large amounts of image data without losing any clarity.


Enable High-Speed High-Resolution Cameras

Frame grabber technology from Teledyne DALSA is capable of depacketizing the image data at industry leading speeds that would otherwise leave a PC crippled from the constant 24 / 7 use expected from industrial applications such as machine vision. Having this dedicated piece of hardware to processes data allows the vision system to reduce strain on the host PC and improve reliable performance.

All-in-one Cable Solutions

With 6.25 Gbps possible over a single cable and up to 25 Gbps using 4 cables, CoaXPress cameras can reach incredible speeds over longer distances. With higher end coax cables, CoaxPress can send power and data all through a single cable.

Synchronized Workflow

Multiple cameras can be connected over a frame grabber for synchronized use. Reliable hardware synchronization has become standard for CoaXPress Cameras with trigger latencies of 3.4 microseconds or with speeds potentially as fast as 150 nanoseconds with a high-speed uplink.

Our CoaXPress Cameras