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Camera Link Cameras

Teledyne DALSA’s CameraLink CMOS cameras redefine top performance at a great price. With Sapera LT software featuring CamExpert and GenICam compliance, these cameras offer easy migration from older vision systems to using the latest sensor technology. Engineered to accommodate industrial environments with a ruggedized build and connectors while maintaining image quality in a wide range of operating temperatures.

Camera Link is a proven AIA industry standard. Click here to learn more >> 


High frame rates

By using Teledyne DALSA’s latest frame grabber technology, CameraLink cameras can fulfill high frame rates at a lower cost to entry. With higher bandwidths CameraLink offers reliable imaging performance with robust camera enclosures.

Adaptable size for any applications

The Teledyne DALSA CameraLink cameras come in a variety of sizes. With small cameras that fit in the palm of a hand, embedded systems can benefit from the performance CameraLink provides. Additionally, larger APS-C cameras are capable of high-resolution and high-frame rate performance to ensure that Teledyne DALSA can satisfy any application.

Our Camera Link Cameras