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High Performance Optical MEMS

Teledyne DALSA has unrivalled experience in manufacturing high performance electrostatic micromirrors. These devices are widely used in telecommunication systems for VOA or WSS functions, and in applications such as laser beam steering in picoprojectors. Key technologies in the fabrication of micromirrors include SOI device layer transfer and bulk micromachining, where extremely tight control of single crystal siliicon layers is necessary to ensure consistent mirror deflection, and of course, high quality metal deposition for the mirrors themselves. Sources of contamination are tightly controlled, as the presence of a single particle on a mirror surface can degrade its optical properties. We have developed electro-optical testing routines which ensure every wafer (or every device if required) perform to their specifications.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High performance electrostatic micro mirrors.
  • VOA or WSS functions and laser beam steering
  • SOI device layer transfer and bulk micromachining
  • Tight control of Si layers to ensure consistent mirror deflection
  • High quality metal deposition for the mirrors themselves.
  • Electro-optical testing routines