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Shuttle Runs

for Multi-Project Wafers

Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor, in conjunction with CMC Microsystems, operates a "shuttle run," providing regularly scheduled fabrication of multi-project wafers. With this service, designers can "share" wafer runs, conducting low-volume experiments with different designs on a portion of a wafer without the cost of a full wafer run.

Delivery quantity is thirty (30) unpackaged dice.

Success Story: NXTSENS

MEMS sensors and timing devices developed by emerging Montreal company, NXTSENS Microsystems are setting industry-leading performance records.

“By taking advantage of the MIDIS platform, we have created one of the world’s best MEMS absolute pressure sensors,” he says. “Our absolute capacitive pressure sensor has the most accurate and stable vacuum reference and can be optimized to various industrial applications by simply fine-tuning the sensing membrane... Because the process is already optimized, it has drastically shortened our development time.”
— Vamsy Chodavarapu, Vice President-Research, NXTSENS

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Requirements for MPW service Usage

Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor MPW service manages many designs on different processes. To assure reliability, feasibility, and short processing time for your design, Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor stated some requirements your design must fulfill. Please contact CMC for Guidance.

For more information contact CMC: 
Tel: +01 613 530 4789 
Web: http://www.cmc.ca

You can also contact the sales team at Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor: 
Tel: +01 450 534 2321 
Email: [email protected]