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Radio Frequency Microsystems

Just as the term ‘RF’ is often used to describe any device operating above the audio band, so ‘RF-MEMs’ describes a wide range of disparate devices and technologies. Teledyne DALSA has been manufacturing MEMs resonators and BAW (bulk acoustic wave) filters for several years and is presently developing technology for RF-MEMs mechanical switches.

One of the primary motivations for using MEMs technology to produce RF devices is integration of wafer level packaging, particularly for small passive components, where WLP is particularly cost effective when compared with traditional packaging techniques.

Our MEMs toolbox contains a number of options for lid sealing, depending upon the required thermal budget and hermeticity, and of course our copper process produces optimum RF performance for TSVs and redistribution layers.

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RF MEMS model

Design Services

Take advantage of our years of experience and specialized tools--let Teledyne DALSA design a solution for you

Wafer Level Packaging (WLP)

Surface mountable 3D ICs use wafer level packaging for dramatic size and form factor reduction with corresponding cost reductions, making them ideal for mobile applications. Teledyne DALSA offers advanced I/O options including µBGA, solderable pads, or standard pads for stacked die and co-package designs, with hermetic seals for oscillators, pressure and image sensors, and non hermetic for RF filters, microfluidics and Si microphones.