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Microfluidics and Labs on a Chip

Bio MEMs can be taken to mean any MEMS used in a medical application, but for our purposes we will use the term to indicate a MEMS device with a microfluidic component, such as an integrated capillary electrophoresis device (partial view shown here). The microfluidic channels can be made using a thick photopolymer patterned over an IC fabricated using Teledyne DALSA’s high voltage CMOS/DMOS technology. The device can also features a color filter taken from our CCD processes, and electro-less Ni/Pd plating for corrosion resistance.

Our sister foundry Teledyne Micralyne offers additional bioMEMS capabilities through its mastery of non-silicon, non-traditional materials such as glass. 

Our strength is in our ability to reach the high levels of integration needed in stand alone point-of-care products. Our advanced packaging options and proven high-volume manufacturing capability make us your ideal foundry partner for the bio-MEMS designs that will change the future.

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Integrated MEMS capillary electrophoresis device
Section showing polymer micro-channels over silicon substrate