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Manufacturing & Production

Teledyne DALSA is committed to meeting your requirements for manufacturing excellence. We have supplied specialized wafers and device fabrication to a wide range of fabless and IDM organizations for more than 25 years. We operate over 41000 square feet / 3800 m2 of clean rooms 24/7and deliver over 100000 wafers per year. We manufacture CCDs on 150 mm wafers, and MEMs on both 150 mm and 200 mm.

Production control

One of the keys to our award-winning foundry is our outstanding production control.

  • All material is 100% traceable through PROMIS (Process Management Integration System), and our clean rooms are paperless. We minimize operator interaction and leverage automation of material handling and recipe selection.
  • Utilizing best practices such as statistical process control, process capability (Cp/Cpk) and 5S (amongst many others), we drive continuous improvement to improve our key metrics of process capability, equipment uptime, yield and, ultimately, on-time delivery.

With a technology portfolio as wide and flexible as ours, with deliverables as varied as ours, excellence in planning, quality assurance, and customer interaction are not optional activities—they are fundamental business requirements. Only through the dedication of our engineers, technicians, and operators to exceptional project management, comprehensive resource planning, rigorous quality methodologies, and devoted customer communication have we achieved our global reputation for success.

Similarly, with our wide range of clients, dedication to confidentiality is paramount. Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor is proud of its reputation in assuring customer confidentiality and protecting customer intellectual property.

Product Engineering Support

Our product engineering support includes these services:

  • Microanalytical Services for NPI
  • Product Characterization
  • Product Reliability Qualification
  • Characterization and Production Test Program Development for HV ASIC and MEMS
  • Test Program Transfers