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Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the new Teledyne DALSA website. We have spent considerable effort building what we hope you agree is a site that not only looks better but works better too, and we are proud to serve it to you.

You will immediately notice the fresh look, especially if you're visiting us on a mobile device--this is a responsive, finger-friendly design. You'll also notice we have reorganized the navigation; it's different but also streamlined. It follows the highest traffic patterns to content from our old site, so we're confident you will find what you need. To help with that the new site handles almost any of your old bookmarks, and it includes strong search capability too. If you're logging in to register software or download documentation, you can use your existing ID and passwords with no change.

We invite you to look around. Check out our new camera selector, with all the filter controls of the old one plus the ability to instantly filter by almost any keyword or spec value. Browse our Knowledge Center or our Applications sections. Sample our Video Library.

While we are pleased to bring you this new site, we know that websites are never static...or perfect. If you find bugs or want to express some constructive comments, feel free to leave us some feedback

Best regards and let the browsing continue.

--Teledyne DALSA communications team

Published 2018-01-29

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