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The Université de Sherbrooke, IBM Bromont, and Teledyne DALSA inaugurate the largest microelectronics centre in Canada: C2MI

Bromont, July 31, 2012 –The Université de Sherbrooke and its industrial partners IBM and Teledyne DALSA officially inaugurated today the Centre de Collaboration MiQro Innovation (C2MI), which is now the largest microelectronics centre in Canada, especially for its volume of high-tech equipment and infrastructure. The event was held with the participation of Quebec Premier Jean Charest; the Honourable Christian Paradis, federal Minister of Industry; the Mayor of Bromont, Pauline Quinlan; and numerous other dignitaries.

Located in Bromont, Quebec, the C2MI enables the development and production of prototypes for the health, automotive, aerospace, environmental, information technology, and telecommunications fields. The new entity is entirely dedicated to the research and development of future generations of electronic products.

Destined to become a world leader in the development and assembly of silicon chips and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), the C2MI serves as an interface between university and industrial research to accelerate the commercialization of the next generation of electronic products. In addition to IBM and Teledyne DALSA, more than 70 industrial partners contributed to the establishment of this high-tech Centre. These partners will continue their collaboration with the Centre and with industrial and university colleagues to maintain the infrastructure and equipment according to market needs.

“As a centre of collaboration, our role is to maintain a quality environment conducive to research and to develop synergy between complementary companies,” explained Normand Bourbonnais, President and CEO of the C2MI. “Companies that become active members have access to a flexible infrastructure adapted to their needs, particularly for developing innovative materials, testing prototypes, or validating designs. We also work to maintain the list of industrial equipment at the leading edge of technology, and we target companies that have a strong potential for collaboration with active members, in Quebec, Canada, and around the world.”

The C2MI has 15 000 m2 of space and provides companies with multiple clean rooms, specialized laboratories, technical services, and office space in two buildings that belong to the Université de Sherbrooke. In addition to the $83-million construction of the facility, there is an impressive array of highly sophisticated equipment worth $135 million.

“At the heart of three of Quebec’s major research areas, the Université de Sherbrooke distinguishes itself particularly through open innovation initiatives in cooperation with the industrial and social communities,” said Rector Luce Samoisette. “The C2MI will enable the microelectronics industry to overcome the challenges it faces around the world and will be the place for major discoveries that lead to the development of new technologies in fields as varied as health, telecommunications, and new media.”

The project benefited from financial support of $218.45 million from partners and from the federal and provincial governments under the Canada-Quebec Agreement of the Knowledge Infrastructure Program. The C2MI is also recognized as a Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research, which makes it eligible for operating subsidies granted by the Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canada.

Through its avant-garde vision dating back to the 1960s, the City of Bromont has fostered the development of its scientific park and continues to contribute to it by locating the C2MI close to its IBM and Teledyne DALSA partners. “The partnership agreement between the City of Bromont and the Université de Sherbrooke, signed in 2008, was designed to establish reciprocal collaboration in economic and industrial development,” said Pauline Quinlan, Mayor of Bromont and President of the Bromont Economic Development Corporation. “The City and the Corporation welcome the C2MI’s arrival in Bromont’s Technoparc. The municipality’s financial contribution is taking the form of a 10-year tax break, representing $10 million. The Centre will help consolidate businesses already established in the park and attract new companies.”

Microelectronics: Everywhere in our homes
The C2MI is a major technological centre of scientific research and experimental development for the microelectronics and microsystems industry. “Strengthening the synergies between government, universities, and industry fosters innovation and accelerates the development of commercial products with global impact,” said John Lutz, President of IBM Canada. “This investment is an industry-building initiative that will help the microelectronic packaging industry adeptly meet tomorrow's demand. By infusing the C2MI with a high-value skill set, our collaboration is working to ensure Quebec and Canada will be able to continue to attract and retain top talent and remain at the forefront of global innovation for years to come.”

“MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) are becoming a key technology for almost every part of our lives,” observed Brian Doody, CEO of Teledyne DALSA. “From RF chips and orientation sensors for mobile phones to optical cross-connects for telecom, chemical, and particulate sensors for smoke detectors, and microfluidic devices for miniaturized medical systems, integrated MEMS enable truly remarkable innovations that reduce both size and power consumption of electronic devices even as they improve performance.”

About the Centre de collaboration MiQro Innovation
The C2MI is an original partnership between the Université de Sherbrooke, Teledyne DALSA, and IBM. Located midway between Montreal and Sherbrooke, the Centre is at the edge of the microelectronics sector’s emerging cluster within the Northeastern corridor. It intends to revolutionize the packaging of the next generation of microchips internationally. Its subsequent role is to produce 45- and 32-nanometre microchips, develop chip cutting technologies, connect them electrically to innovative packages, manage the heat dissipation, test them, and prepare them for shipping. For more information, visit the C2MI website at www.c2mi.ca

Media Contacts:

Normand Bourbonnais, President and CEO, C2MI
450 534-8000, extension 1000; normand.bourbonnais@c2mi.ca

Johanne Leroux, Communications Officer, Université de Sherbrooke
819 821-7388; Mobilecom2@usherbrooke.ca

Joanne Fortin, Director of External Communications, IBM Canada
514 964-8558; fortin@ca.ibm.com

Patrick Myles, Vice-President, Business Development and Communications, Teledyne DALSA
519 886-6000, extension 2177; patrick.myles@teledynedalsa.com

Published 2012-07-31

C2MI promotes strong links between the academic and industrial sectors, two spheres that interact and collaborate for the advancement and development of next-generation prototypes in MEMS and advanced microelectronics.


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