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Teledyne Healthcare brings its advanced imaging solutions to RSNA 2023

Waterloo, CANADA November 14, 2023 – Teledyne is pleased to introduce Teledyne Healthcare at the RSNA 2023 Technical Exhibition, taking place November 26-30, in Chicago, IL. Teledyne will exhibit its full line of high-performance X-Ray detectors in booth #1759. Visitors will be able to take in a wide range of technology solutions for breast imaging, surgery and interventional, orthopedics and extra oral dental.

Teledyne Healthcare, a combination of Teledyne businesses, including e2v, ETM, and DALSA, aims to support OEMs in their development of integrated patient-focused solutions. Speaking of the new healthcare brand, Teledyne’s Market Development & Sales Operation Manager, Pat Howland said: “Our aim is to present ‘Technology for every step of the patient journey’. By teaming all of the Teledyne business units active inside of Teledyne Healthcare, we wish to solve the many challenges faced by our OEM partners. Presenting not just component products but custom solutions, we expect to help improve patient outcomes and humanize the role of technology in the patient journey.”

Today breast cancer accounts for 1 in 4 cancer diagnoses in women. Effective and comfortable imaging is key for women’s health. Teledyne will offer a live demonstration of its suite of tools that significantly increases the overall productivity, quality, and comfort of this important clinical procedure.

The Teledyne Healthcare booth will display its high-performance X-ray detectors including the breakthrough Axios flat panel and the Xineos CMOS X-Ray series. The Axios IGZO-built platform is engineered to deliver an unprecedented balance of performance and value, while addressing the needs of the most demanding real-time applications for diagnostic and interventional imaging like orthopedics, vascular cardiology, and surgery. Xineos X-Ray detectors, a superior performance family of detectors, deliver unsurpassed low dose and lag-free image quality, combined with easy integration and long reliable lifetime. These detectors provide the best digital imaging solution for challenging surgical situations - where all other technologies stop working,  

About Teledyne Healthcare

Teledyne Healthcare unites humanity with technology and represents a combination of offerings from Teledyne businesses that are active in the healthcare sector, providing state-of-the-art image sensing, capture and processing solutions to medical, dental, biosensor and scientific instrument manufacturers. Teledyne Healthcare partners with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with technology solutions to tackle the challenges of every stage of the patient journey: monitoring, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Teledyne Healthcare supports OEMs as they develop integrated solutions to improve patient outcomes, humanize the role of technology in the patient journey, and offer custom solutions.

Media Contact:

Britt Teunissen van Manen

[email protected]


Published 2023-11-14

Upgraded breast screening procedure from Teledyne Healthcare

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