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Teledyne DALSA’s Lynda Pelley to present at IPC APEX EXPO

Waterloo, Canada – January 30, 2020 – Teledyne DALSA Senior Engineer, Lynda Pelley, will present a joint white paper at the IPC APEX conference in San Diego, California next week. The white paper, Achieving Solder Reliability for LGA Ceramic Image Sensors Through Refinement of SMT Soldering Processes, was written by Lynda Pelley, and SMTC Inc’s Hugo Gallegos.

Ms. Pelley’s presentation will be part of the Technical Conference, Session S06: Reliability Testing, on February 4, 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM.  Attendees will learn about the contributions of both the solder paste volume and the reflow temperature profile to the robustness of ceramic LGA solder joints. The Design of Experiments (DOE) presents opportunity to overcome Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) mismatch between the ceramic sensor and the FR4 board material to achieve long-term solder reliability, without needing an additional epoxy under-fill process step.

IPC APEX EXPO is a five-day event held annually in San Diego, California which offers endless education and networking opportunities. Each year, professionals from the printed circuit board and manufacturing industry come together to participate in the Technical Conference, Exhibition, Professional Development, and Certification programs.

About Teledyne DALSA
Teledyne DALSA is an international technology leader in sensing, imaging, and specialized semiconductor fabrication. Our image sensing solutions span the spectrum from infrared through visible to X-ray; our MEMS foundry has earned a world-leading reputation. In addition, through our subsidiaries Teledyne Optech and Teledyne CARIS, we deliver advanced 3D survey and geospatial information systems. Teledyne DALSA employs approximately 1400 employees worldwide and is headquartered in Waterloo, Canada. For more information, visit www.teledynedalsa.com. 

About Teledyne Imaging
Teledyne Imaging is a group of leading-edge companies aligned under the Teledyne umbrella. Teledyne Imaging forms an unrivalled collective of expertise across the spectrum with decades of experience. Individually, each company offers best-in-class solutions. Together, they combine and leverage each other’s strengths to provide the deepest, widest imaging and related technology portfolio in the world. From aerospace through industrial inspection, scientific research, spectroscopy, radiography and radiotherapy, geospatial surveying, and advanced MEMS and semiconductor solutions, Teledyne Imaging offers worldwide customer support and the technical expertise to handle the toughest tasks. Their tools, technologies, and vision solutions are built to deliver to their customers a unique and competitive advantage.

For more information, visit www.teledyneimaging.com


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Published 2020-01-30

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