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Teledyne DALSA Releases its Best-in-Class CMOS Line Scan Sensors for Sale

Waterloo, Ontario May 23, 2017 – Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and global leader in image sensing technology, has for the first time, released its proven and best performing image sensors for sale

For more than 35 years, Teledyne DALSA has designed and manufactured the machine vision industry’s best-in-class line-scan image sensors. Positioned at the heart of the company’s industry-leading and highest value line scan cameras, this class of sensors enables fast, high resolution monochrome, color, and near-infrared (NIR) imaging for document scanning, parcel sorting, glass, and wood inspection among countless other of the most challenging  quality applications.

Sensors are available immediately in resolutions from 2k to 16k with the following features:

Fast line rates – Data throughput up to 1.1 Gpix/s for improved productivity allowing faster scanning in less time

True color imaging – 3-line Red/Green/Blue, 4-line Red/Green/Blue/NIR, and bilinear subsampled color

Common interface – Common pinouts, data interfaces, control interfaces, and mechanical connectivity enable easier design-in for multiple sensor solutions.

Multi-line scan with independent exposure control – the ability to control the amount of light hitting every line enables dynamic white balancing, and flexible lighting for advanced defect detection.

High bit depth On-Chip ADC – enables enhanced dynamic range and low noise by minimizing issues due to quantization. Improved overall contrast for more image clarity

Vertically integrated design, development, and manufacturing - a vertically integrated, turnkey solution including a single manufacturing path from wafer probe to packaged part test. Leveraged expertise across a global family of Teledyne companies to provide full mixed-signal CMOS design, and best-in-class CMOS fabrication.

This is the first in a series of image sensor releases. A full list of available image sensors, with specifications and part numbers is available for download from the website: www.teledynedalsa.com/sensor 

Media Note:
For interview requests please email [email protected]. For high resolution images of Teledyne DALSA’s products, please visit our online media kit.
About Teledyne DALSA’s Image Sensors
Aside from Uncooled LWIR capabilities, Teledyne DALSA designs and manufactures high performance CMOS image sensors for a wide range of applications, including industrial inspection, radiography, aerospace, and defense and security. Decades of research and development have earned us dozens of patents in the design and fabrication of image sensors, allowing us to continuously refine our products into the best-performing devices available today. For more information, visit www.teledynedalsa.com/sensors.

About Teledyne DALSA 
Teledyne DALSA is an international technology leader in sensing, imaging, and specialized semiconductor fabrication. Our image sensing solutions span the spectrum from infrared through visible to X-ray; our MEMS foundry has earned a world-leading reputation. In addition, through our subsidiaries Teledyne Optech and Teledyne Caris, we deliver advanced 3D survey and geospatial information systems. Headquartered in Waterloo, Canada, Teledyne DALSA employs approximately 1400 employees worldwide. For more information, visit www.teledynedalsa.com.
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Media Contact: 
Geralyn Miller, Media Relations & Content Development
Teledyne DALSA
Tel: +1-519-886-6001 ext. 2187
[email protected]

Sales Contact:
Eric Fox
Director, Image sensor products
Tel: +1-519-886-6001 ext. 2181
[email protected]  
Published 2017-05-22