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Teledyne DALSA Amalgamates Legal Entity to Teledyne Digital Imaging, Inc

New Year – New Name!  Effective January 1, 2019, Teledyne DALSA, Inc. will be amalgamating with certain of its Canadian subsidiaries as part of an intercompany consolidation.  The new name of the amalgamated entity will be Teledyne Digital Imaging, Inc.  Following the amalgamation, Teledyne DALSA, Inc. will carry on business as Teledyne DALSA, a business unit of Teledyne Digital Imaging, Inc

After January 1, 2019, all proposals, quotations, invoices, purchase orders, contracts, and other documents will continue with the new amalgamated entity, and will reflect this new name going forward.  Customers, distributors, vendors, and contractors should implement this name change effective January 1, 2019, to ensure uninterrupted processing of orders and payments. 

To confirm, this change does not affect Teledyne DALSA’s management, personnel or operations.  There is no assignment or transfer of existing contracts or obligations as a result of this amalgamation.  Teledyne DALSA’s operations will continue at Teledyne DALSA’s current locations and its headquarters will remain at Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  The amalgamated entity will continue to be a subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated.

Published 2018-11-21

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