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Rad-icon Imaging Builds Momentum in Large-Area X-ray Cameras

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA – Rad-icon Imaging, a leading provider of high-performance CMOS image sensors and cameras for the digital radiography market worldwide and a division of DALSA Corporation (Waterloo, Ontario), today announced the general availability of the SkiaGraph8 EV, an expansion of its product line of Very Large Area (VLA) CMOS x-ray cameras. 

The high-performance SkiaGraph8 EV camera supports x-ray energies up to 160 kVp, and was specifically designed to exceed the rigorous imaging requirements for a wide variety of medical and industrial radiography applications. Consistent with the earlier SkiaGraph8 product, the SkiaGraph8 EV features low power consumption and excellent DQE as well as lower noise, higher resolution, and higher sensitivity than competing devices in the market.
“The SkiaGraph8 EV camera is positioned to provide an alternative to costly amorphous silicon (a-Si) panels, delivering improved resolution and phenomenal x-ray sensitivity in a rugged, space-saving enclosure,” said Thorsten Achterkirchen, General Manager of Rad-icon Imaging Corporation and Vice President of DALSA Corporation. “The camera is optimized for applications requiring x-ray energies in the 50-160kVp range, which covers the spectrum from medical radiography to NDT applications.”
SkiaGraph8 EV cameras build upon a tiled configuration of Rad-icon’s RadEye100 very large area (VLA) CMOS image sensors to achieve a total active sensing area of 8” x 8” (20 x 20 cm). The cameras are capable of real-time imaging at up to 1.4 fps (5.3 fps in binned mode), 12-bit digital contrast resolution, 5 lp/mm spatial resolution, and feature a choice of scintillators providing impressive sensitivity as high as 500 ADU/mR. A Gd2O2S (Gadox) integrated direct-contact scintillator converts x-ray photons into visible light that is sensed by the CMOS photodiodes. A thin graphite cover protects the sensor from accidental damage as well as ambient light. Analog signals from the photodiode sensors are digitized in eight or more parallel A/D channels and then interleaved for maximum transmission across a high-speed parallel digital interface.
Medical radiologists and industrial inspectors have always faced challenges with the form factor, performance, and cost of their overall imaging solution. Traditional film-based imaging requires the recurring expense of purchasing film and storing the physical images, which quickly drains resources in a time of increased attention to streamlining the medical record-keeping process. Other imaging technologies, such as image intensifiers and CCDs, yield imaging solutions with bulky form factors, troubling distortion, or cassette-based output. CMOS x-ray cameras – like Rad-icon’s SkiaGraph8 EV – solve the issues of form factor, image output, and storage by delivering high performance, high sensitivity, and superior resolution in a compact form factor at a cost-efficient price. The SkiaGraph8 EV camera is optimized for x-ray imaging applications up to 160 kVp for medical applications such as general radiography, tissue biopsy, and bone densitometry as well as for industrial inspection/non-destructive testing applications such as plastics and composite inspection.
About Rad-icon Imaging
Rad-icon Imaging (Santa Clara, CA.), a division of DALSA Corporation (Waterloo, Ontario), is a leading provider of high-performance CMOS image sensors and cameras for the digital radiography market worldwide. Rad-icon Imaging’s products enable medical practitioners, industrial manufacturers, and scientific researchers to create superior image quality, high resolution, and large active area images based on our CMOS active pixel sensor (APS) technology. Rad-icon’s products address diverse applications such as tissue biopsy, non-destructive testing, circuit board testing, and crystallography. Rad-icon Imaging’s customers are able to implement cost-effective and high-performance digital imaging solutions. For more information, please visit http://www.rad-icon.com or call (408) 486-0886.   
About DALSA Corporation
DALSA is an international leader in high performance digital imaging and semiconductors with approximately 1000 employees world-wide. Established in 1980, the Company designs, develops, manufactures, and markets digital imaging products and solutions, in addition to providing semiconductor products and services. DALSA's core competencies are in specialized integrated circuit and electronics technology, software, and highly engineered semiconductor wafer processing. Products and services include image sensor components (CCD and CMOS); electronic digital cameras; vision processors; image processing software; and semiconductor wafer foundry services for use in MEMS, high-voltage semiconductors, image sensors and mixed-signal CMOS chips. DALSA is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "DSA" and has its corporate offices in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
Media Contacts:
Alana Achterkirchen
Director of Marketing
Rad-icon Imaging
Tel: 408-486-0886
Email: [email protected]
Published 2009-04-21

SkiaGraph8 EV camera provides a large active area of 20 x 20cm, and delivers cost-effective performance to medical & industrial end users

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